User roles and permissions

Users of the Ledger Vault platform have a role, each with its own level of permissions.

User roles

  • Administrator : They manage the workspace. You must have registered a minimum of three Administrators to properly manage your workspace.
  • Operator They create transactions in accounts they've been granted access to. Depending :on the transaction rules Administrators have defined for the account, Operators are either allowed to create transactions in the account and/or approve transactions created by other Operators. This information can be found in the account's transaction rules ( Accounts > Account dashboard > Rules tab ).

Permissions by role

Permissions Administrator Operator
Transaction creator Transaction approver
Access the Ledger Vault platform Check Check Check
View and edit the admin rule Check Times Times
Invite, edit, and revoke Administrators and Operators Check Times Times
Create and edit accounts Check Times Times

Approve or reject the creation of accounts

Check Times Times
Define transaction rules of accounts Check Times Times
Generate receive addresses Check Check Check
Create, edit, and delete groups Check Times Times
Create and edit whitelists Check Times Times
Create transactions Times Check Times
Approve or reject the creation of transactions Times Check Check
Consolidate UTXOs Times Check Times
Export to CSV Check Check Check

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