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May 2023 - Ethereum Staking full withdrawals support

May 2023 - Ethereum Staking withdrawals


  • Staking: withdraw your Ethereum stakes & rewards

Ethereum Staking withdrawals with Kiln

We are happy to announce that you can now fully unstake and withdraw your staked assets on Ethereum, using Kiln's app. Withdrawn funds will be sent to the staking account (the account that initiated the stake) and cannot be retrieved on any other address to prevent any human mistake or malicious attack.

Note that just like staking, unstaking is not immediate. Your unstaked validators will be processed in the exit queue. Once they have reached the exited state, funds will become withdrawable after 256 epochs (~27 hours). You can learn more about the validator lifecycle and exit flows here.

Please head to the dedicated user documentation to learn more on how to manage your ETH Stking positions with Kiln.

May 2023 - Version 4.24.0: Cardano Transaction History, NFT/ERC-20 Portfolio monitoring via API & Performance Improvements

May 2023 - Version 4.24.0


  • Cardano: Transaction history
  • Ethereum & EVM: Monitor your NFT & ERC20 portfolio via API
  • API Performance improvements

Cardano - Transaction history

Our Cardano integration has been delivered in two phases. In the first phase, users were able to perform regular transactions and engage in staking activities. However, incoming transactions reporting was not supported at that time.

With this new release, users will now have access to a comprehensive transaction history and reporting feature, covering all transactions conducted in ADA. It provides improved visibility and tracking of transactions within the Cardano network.

However, it's important to note that the current version of the Vault does not support Native Tokens on the Cardano network. Native Tokens encompass all the tokens created on the Cardano blockchain, with ADA being the primary one. Presently, the Vault only supports ADA, and if you wish to store other Native Tokens, kindly contact your TAM (Technical Account Manager) to express your interest before initiating any transfers of Native Tokens to the Vault.

Ethereum & EVM: Monitor NFT & ERC-20 porftolio via API

If your EVM accounts (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB & many more coming soon) hold NFTs or ERC-20 tokens, you can now track their entire token portfolio with our dedicated NFT & ERC-20 API endpoints:

API Performance Improvement

We've enhanced the account retrieval endpoints in the Ledger Enterprise API. You'll now experience significantly faster response times and greater efficiency, making your account data access smoother and more efficient.

April 2023 - Version 4.23.0: Seamless API reporting & Secured Web3 interactions

April 2023 - Version 4.23.0


  • Web3 checks: secure your web3 interactions
  • Reporting API Keys

Web3 checks: secure your web3 interactions

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our Ledger Enterprise platform: Web3 Checks. This new feature aims to enhance the security and user experience for our institutional clients when interacting with DeFi and NFT protocols on the web3 ecosystem, through our contract interaction panel and WalletConnect.

web3checks whatsnew

Find out more on this feature in the dedicated articles:

Reporting API Keys

Workspace administrators can now generate and manage reporting API keys to access reporting and notification endpoints. This feature provides enhanced security and flexibility, enabling administrators to grant access to reporting data only to authorized users. To generate a new reporting API key, go to Workspace Settings and click on Ledger Enterprise Reporting API Keys.

api keys

Find out more on this feature in the dedicated articles:

April 2023 - Version 4.22.0: Performance improvements - Cardano - BSC SCI

April 2023 - Version 4.22.0


  • Performance improvements: reduce waiting time
  • Cardano: Custody and Staking
  • Binance Smart Chain: Smart Contract Interactions support
  • Enhanced EVM account management & segregation
  • NFT Gallery: portfolio value

Performance improvements: reduce waiting time

Following feedback from our clients, our latest security improvements have increased the delay to sign transactions. Without giving back on security we heard you and manage to reduce the waiting time by a factor of 2 to 4 depending on the governance of the account. More performance improvements are to come throughout 2023.

Cardano custody and staking

Cardano is out ! In this first release of Cardano features you can now:

  • Enable custody : safeguard your ADA on the Vault platform with the complete governance model you're used to have with other coins.
  • Stake your ADA : Begin staking Cardano with our staking partners' functionnalities, or use your own validator if you prefer to play on your own.

Please contact your technical account manager for the staking functionalities if you are not already exposed to it. The support of the Cardano testnet and the transaction history will come in the next couple of months to complete the Cardano support.

Find out more on how the Cardano staking feature works here.

Interact with Smart Contracts on the Binance Smart Chain

This feature is currently available only on demand. Please contact your Technical Account Manager for more informations.

bsc sci

You can now interact with any smart contract based applications on Binance Smart Chain, and benefit from the low fees of the network to optimize your web3 operations, whether it be DeFi or NFT. Ledger Enterprise provides the same level of support as on Ethereum:

  • Administrators can configure smart contract enabled accounts on BSC, and define a dedicated governance rule for interacting with web3 apps on BSC.
  • Operators can access Vault DApps on BSC directly on their workspace, featuring Paraswap for now (and more to come).
  • Operators can interact with any BSC contract using the Contract Interaction panel - provided the contract has its ABI published on BscScan.
  • Operators will be able to Clear Sign their BSC smart contact interactions on Trusted Display for all supported contracts (see: Supported ClearSign contracts & applications ), bringing unparallelled security to web3 operations.
  • All interactions with web3 apps on BSC can be achieved through the Public API . Please refer to the documentation here: Ledger Enterprise API .

Improved management & segregation of EVM (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) accounts

The standard approach to managing accounts on EVM networks is to generate the same public address (from a given private key) across all these networks, so that users can seamlessly interact with various networks while maintaining a single public address. Moreover, as a custodian managing multiple customers' accounts, it's essential to have an organized and secure system for managing accounts.

Therefore, Ledger Enterprise Administrators now have the flexibility to create accounts with two distinct options:

  • Linked Accounts : These accounts are connected to another account on a different supported EVM network. This means they share the same address (or index), making it easier to manage assets across multiple EVM-compatible chains with a single public address. This is particularly useful for institutions requiring seamless cross-chain interactions and simplified account recovery in case of funds sent to the wrong network.
  • Unlinked Accounts : For institutions that prefer to have unique, unused addresses (for added privacy and security) and for custodians that need to segregate each of their clients' funds, we also offer the option to create accounts with a new, unshared address. This means the public address of the account is not associated with any other account on another supported EVM network.

Note that prior to this feature, all your Ledger Enterprise accounts follow the second option (unlinked accounts), meaning that they all have a unique address that is not shared by another account on another network.

For more information on this new account creation flow, please head to this article.

split account 1

NFT Gallery: portfolio value

We're excited to announce the latest improvement to our NFT gallery feature on our Vault! You can now view the floor price of your NFTs. This feature will enable you to track the minimum price that your NFTs are being traded for in the market. You’ll also be able to see the overall balance and quantity of your NFT collection, which will be displayed on the NFT Gallery page. This balance is kept distinct and not included in the overall balance section which is featured at the top of your account.

Moreover, you can now click on any NFT token in your collection, and it will take you to a new page that displays its characteristics. This feature will provide you with more detailed information about your NFTs, including their properties, quantity and token standard, as well as links to open markets.

Technical release improvement

We improved part of our release process for our nexts releases reducing the maintenance time for small releases. More info during our 4.23 release.

March 2023 - Version 4.21.0: Smart Contract Whitelist

March 2023 - Version 4.21.0

Better manage your gouvernance rules: introducing Smart Contract whitelists

The Smart Contract Whitelist feature enables Administrators to efficiently secure and manage their organization's accounts rules by distinguishing between Smart Contract and Transaction Whitelists. By creating separate whitelists for each type of governance rule, administrators can reduce the risk of errors and streamline the overall governance process.

Additionally, the feature allows for easy whitelisting of supported contracts through a user-friendly dropdown menu containing all Clear Signed contracts, simplifying the process of adding trusted contract addresses and enhancing overall asset security.

February 2023 - Version 4.20.0: Binance Smart Chain: Send & Receive

February 2023 - Version 4.20.0

BNB Send & Receive

logo bsc

You can now create Binance Smart Chain (BNB) accounts in your Ledger Vault workspace to send and receive funds. BSC brings to 18 our list of supported crypto assets and over 5,000 ERC20 tokens.

We’ll be adding the possibility of conducting smart contract interactions on BSC in a future release.

Creating a BNB account and transaction is similar to any other crypto asset. Follow the instructions on Create an account and Create a transaction for more information.

February 2023 - Version 4.19.0: ClearSign your NFT operations on your device

February 2023 - Version 4.19.0

Don’t trust, verify: ClearSign your NFT operations on Trusted Display

You can now manage your NFTs directly from your Gallery while benefiting from the best security on the market thanks to our ClearSign support. You will now be able to review the exact content of your NFT operations in a meaningful fashion on Trusted Display and verify that you are performing the right transactions on your Personal Security Device. For instance, Operators will be empowered to review that they are sending an NFT from the right collection, to the right recipient address.

nft clearsign

Ledger Enterprise will now ClearSign all standard functions of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts. You can review supported ClearSigned contracts here.

Stake MATIC directly from your Ledger Enterprise Platform

We are happy to announce that you can now generate yield on your idle MATIC assets by staking them directly from your Ledger Enterprise platform.

Staking MATIC brings many benefits, including:

  • High yield : Polygon leverages (D)PoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) as its consensus mechanism. There are up to 100 validators ensuring the security of the Polygon network, and any MATIC holder can become a delegator by bonding their assets to their preferred validator. By doing so, delegators can earn up to 5-6% APR (i.e. 3% adj.).
  • Low risk : Polygon manages delegations in a trustless fashion, via a robust set of smart contracts. Additionally, staking via Ledger Enterprise empowers you to review your staking operations in a meaningful fashion on trusted display thanks to our ClearSign framework on supported smart contracts.
  • Simplicity & scalability : you can use Ledger Enterprise to stake directly on Polygon Staking applications, from the UI. Should you want to automate your staking workflows to scale your operations, you can also leverage our Public API to perform your delegations and withdrawals programmatically. You can find out more about our API here .

staking polygon wc

If you want to learn more about staking MATIC, check this dedicated article on the help center.

BNB Send & Receive

logo bsc

You can now create Binance Smart Chain (BNB) accounts in your Ledger Vault workspace to send and receive funds. BSC brings to 18 our list of supported crypto assets and over 5,000 ERC20 tokens.

We’ll be adding the possibility of conducting smart contract interactions on BSC in a future release.

Creating a BNB account and transaction is similar to any other crypto asset. Follow the instructions on Create an account and Create a transaction for more information.

January 2023 - Version 4.17.0: Customize your DApps catalog across EVM accounts

January 2023 - Version 4.17.0

Customize your DApps catalog across EVM accounts

We continually work to expand our DApp catalog, so you can fully embrace web3 right from your LE platform. Our aim is to cover a wide range of use cases and empower you with best-in-class tools to craft governance flows tailored to your requirements. The new customization feature now allows Administrators to fine-tune DApp access for each account and effectively control which DApps an Operator can access.

dapp config browser

Find out more information on how to configure your account to choose exactly which DApps you want to connect to here.

January 2023 - API Version 1.7.1

January 2023 - API Version 1.7.1

Solana staking endpoints fixed

A new LAM version 1.7.1 has been released to fix Solana Staking API endpoints. Please pull this latest version in order to have a flawless experience when interacting with Solana Staking via API. You can find the API documentation here.

January 2023 - Version 4.16.0: Staking on the Solana blockchain

January 2023 - Version 4.16.0

Staking on the Solana blockchain

This first release note of 2023 is an exciting one! We're happy to announce that it is now possible to conduct Solana staking operations directly on the Ledger Enterprise platform.

There are many benefits of staking Solana with Ledger Enterprise. The process is:

  • Simple, yet rewarding : Staking Solana on Ledger Enterprise only requires a few clicks to generate up to 5.5% APY. You will be able to manage all of your staking positions in one place without needing prior knowledge of the network and with no extra cost.
  • Secured & Low risk : Protect against mismanagement of funds by having staking transaction checks at a hardware level before signing. This will enforce that only your Vault account retains control and receives the rewards. Additionally, slashing risks are fully mitigated by our validator partners, thus enabling institutional staking with security and peace of mind.
  • Flexible and scalable : You can manage as many on-chain staking positions as you need from just one account on the LE platform. This allows you to stake more without undelegating your previous staking position and partially withdraw staking positions so you don’t lose time or rewards. It also lets you manage with ease new restrictive regulations, by tracking precisely all your end-user stakes as one on chain address. This implementation is even possible via API, if you are looking for scaling solana staking as user demand grows.

If you want to learn more about staking Solana, check this dedicated article on the help center. To learn more about how you can use Ledger API to scale your day to day operations, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our team.

Extending our DApps Catalog: Welcome Lending DApps!

dapp browser

Operators can now access three new DApps (Decentralized Applications) directly from their !Ledger Enterprise DApps Catalog: Aave, yearn.finance and Alkemi. These DApps empower users to lend and borrow assets, earn passive income, and define strategies to farm yield. Operators will be able to interact with these applications in a secure fashion, benefitting from our Clear Sign framework and first-class security when interacting with these contracts. You can review the list of supported Clear Sign contracts here.

Want to learn more? The following articles give a step-by-step guide on how to use these DApps on the Vault:

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