Access Rainbow on Ledger Vault

This section is for Operators only.


This article describes Rainbow and how to display your NFTs in the Ledger Vault with Rainbow.

What is Rainbow? allows you to explore the world of NFTs and visualize your NFT portfolios. The DApp displays the NFTs that your Ethereum addresses holds on the Ethereum blockchain, and sorts them by collection.

How do I use Rainbow?

Before you start

To access the Rainbow DApp and visualize an Ethereum account’s NFT portfolio, you need to be an operator with creation rights on the account’s smart contract governance rule.

Visualize your ETH account's NFT portfolio with Rainbow

  1. Navigate to the DApps panel
  2. Select the Rainbow DApp
  3. Use the account selector in the top left corner to select the Ethereum account you wish to connect
  4. Visualize the account’s NFT portfolio

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