Delete a group

This article is for Administrators only.


  • Permanently delete a group.

Before you start

  • Your Personal Security Device must be connected to your computer, switched on, and the Ledger Vault app opened.

You'll be prevented from deleting a group if:

  • If it's used in the transaction rules of an account. You must first remove the group from all accounts it's used in, and then delete the group. Removing a group from an approval workflow requires you to create an Edit account request. Once approved you can delete the group.


  1. Click Users on the left panel.
  2. Go to the Groups tab.


  1. Click the group name.


  1. Click Delete in the bottom right corner of the dialog.


  1. Click Delete group when prompted to confirm.


  1. Verify that the information displayed on your device is accurate. If it's not, either try again or contact Support .
  2. Tap Confirm .


A Delete group request is submitted to all Administrators for approval.

If an Operator member of this group is revoked before this request is approved, the Delete group request will fail and will have to be recreated.

What's next?

The group will be deleted once the request has been approved by the number of Administrators defined in the admin rule. Once done, the group will have the Deleted status. For more information, Track the status of a request.

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