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October 2020 - version 3.4.0

This release will progressively be rolled out to all customers. Get in touch with you Account manager for more information.

What's new

  • Discover the new interface

  • Version 3.4.0 allows you to try out our redesigned web interface. This complete revamp improves the usability of the platform and makes your work easier.

    The navigation remains identical with all tasks accessible from the left panel, while dashboards, tables, and requests creation flows have been redesigned and improved. You can now clearly follow the interaction between your device and the web app thanks to new visuals.

    You can try the new interface now, and roll back to the previous one at any time!

    Contact your Account Manager and let us know what you think!

  • Notifications
  • From now on, you’ll automatically be alerted whenever new requests are created or processed within your workspace. The notifications will appear in the top right corner, and clicking them will take you to the appropriate request – whether it’s in progress or completed. This new feature ensures you’re always aware of what is going on in your workspace when you’re connected.

    For now, notifications only appear when requests are created or processed. In a future release, they’ll all be listed in a Notifications Center.


  • Following the recent fees increase on the Ethereum network, we’ve raised the gas limit for ERC20 tokens and smart contract transactions. This will avoid your transactions to fail by ensuring enough funds are available to pay the fees.

October 2020 - Version 3.3.0

What's new

Stellar is now supported

  • You can now create Stellar (XLM) accounts in your Ledger Vault workspace to send and receive funds. Stellar brings to 14 our list of supported crypto assets and over 1,500 ERC20 tokens.
  • Creating a Stellar transaction is similar to any other transaction. You have the possibility to provide a Memo if you have one. Note that as required by the Stellar network, you must have a minimum balance of XLM 1 at all times in your accounts.


Ledger Blue Enterprise

  • To improve your experience when using the Ledger Blue Enterprise, we have increased the auto-lock delay from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This ensures you’re not constantly prompted to enter your PIN. If you’d like to increase or decrease this, close the Vault app and go to the Settings page of your device.
  • We’ve simplified the process of changing your PIN to just a couple of steps. To do so, go to the Settings page and follow the steps on-screen.
  • For security purposes, you’ll be prompted to provide your PIN whenever you unplug your device and whether the Ledger Vault app is opened or not.
  • You’ll now find your device’s endorsements details in the Settings page of your device. Our Support team might ask you to provide this information in case of issues.


  • Fixed an issue where you could make an Ethereum or it's children ERC20 account unusable by creating multiple edit requests at the same time.
  • From now on, you'll have to process the pending request – either on Ethereum and its ERC20 children accounts – before creating a new one. See the table for more details.

Action Blocking reason
I want to... Edit an Ethereum account when... One of its linked ERC20 accounts is pending to be edited...

You'll be prevented from editing the Ethereum account until the edit request is processed.

Edit an ERC20 account when... Its parent Ethereum account is pending to be edited... You'll be prevented from editing the ERC20 account until the edit request is processed.
Edit an ERC20 account when... Another ERC20 account linked to the same parent Ethereum account is pending to be edited...

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