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March 2021 - New ERC20 supported

The Ledger Vault now supports additional ERC20 tokens, including:

UnFederalReserveToken (eRSDL) THORChain ETH.RUNE (RUNE)
GIGCoin (GIGCOIN) Offshift (XFT)
Rari Governance Token (RGT) Apollo (APO)

Review the full list of Supported crypto assets (or download it here).

February 2021 - API v1.2

- This release notes details the changes introduced with API v1.2 and LAM v.1.2

- API v1.2 remains backward compatible with LAM v1.0 and v1.1


  • The documentation now lists all notification events and a short description. For more details, see Notifications.
  • You can retrieve the oldest version of LAM compatible with the current API version using the _version endpoint.
  • The API usage is now limited to the supported versions of LAM. If you interact with the API using a deprecated version of LAM, an error will prompt you to upgrade.


  • The API user’s type and role section of the documentation has been clarified to better describe each role. For more information, see API users.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of calls calculated by the rate limiter wasn't accurate. From now on, when generating N receiving addresses, N calls will be recorded.
  • Fixed an issue where an error appeared on first run when user_store is missing.

February 2021 - New ERC20 supported

The Ledger Vault now supports additional ERC20 tokens, including:

AlphaToken (ALPHA) NFTX (NFTX)
Yield (YLD) DeFiScale (DFC)

Download the full list of supported ERC20 tokens.

January 2021 - API v1.1

- This release notes details the changes introduced with API v1.1 and LAM v.1.1
- API v1.1 remains backward compatible with LAM v1.0


  • LAM and Vault versions are now exposed on a new endpoint /_version.

  • Additional information has been added to the GET /api_users endpoint documentation.


  • The account id is now optional when creating and approving a transaction. Note that providing the account id will be deprecated in the next version of LAM.

  • The https://api.vault.ledger.com endpoint has been set as the default target.

  • The creation of API users is now done through a POST endpoint with a JSON body.

  • coin_fields allow separating blockchain-specific parameters to keep the API simple and easy to use as we add more coins to the Vault. Coin-specific fields, like destination_tag for XRP, are read from the coin_fields node.

  • The max threshold of the amount range max is now optional. You can now retrieve accounts for which no upper limit has been defined.

  • The Signed status is now supported when querying the request’s history.


  • API tokens are now verified using the constant-time comparison method to prevent using timing attacks to guess tokens.

  • When approving a transaction the account id is now validated.

  • When creating a transaction we now ensure the gas price is always greater than 1.

  • 'Method not allowed' HTTP errors are now properly handled on API Users' routes.

  • A 400 error is now raised when the same API Operator approves a transaction for the second time.

  • When creating or approving transactions, amounts are now validated using regex.

  • Additional information has been added when documenting amount objects as string.

  • The unsupported custom fees option has been removed when creating new transactions.

  • A 500 error is no longer raised when approving someone else’s transactions.

  • API usernames are now properly validated. A 400 error is raised in case of violation.

  • The broadcast_on field has been added to transactions.

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