Invite users to your workspace

This article is for Administrators only.


  • Create new users in your workspace:
    • Operators: Create an unlimited number of Operators. You can create multiple invitations at the same time.
    • Administrators: Create up to 20 Administrators. You can only create one invitation at a time as adding a new user changes the admin rule of your workspace. The Administrator's registration must be approved before another one can be created.

Before you start

You'll be prevented from adding a new Administrator if any of the following requests have the Pending status:
  • Invite Administrator
  • Revoke Administrator
  • Edit admin rule
Process all pending requests before creating a new Administrator. They will all fail once the Administrator request is approved as the number of approvals required from the admin rule has been modified.



You've generated a unique URL on which the user must register. Communicate this URL to the user using your organization's preferred communication channel.

What's next?

The new user has 7 days to register before the URL expires, in which case a new invitation will have to be created.

You can track the status of the invitation and edit it from the dashboard. For more information see, Track the status of a request and Edit a user invitation. The invitation request will have the Pending registration status until the user registers.

Once the new user has registered, a Create user request is automatically created and submitted to Administrators for approval. The user creation is finalized once the necessary number of approvals is collected from Administrators.

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