Create a transaction

This article is for Operators only.


  • Create transactions in accounts in which you have the Creator role.

Before you start

  • Learn more on Transactions before getting started.
  • Be aware of the transaction rules defined in the account. Go to Accounts > Account dashboard > .
  • Before sending large amounts, we recommend you send a small amount first to verify the transaction was properly received by the recipient.
  • If you're making a large transaction, you might be asked to consolidate UTXOs beforehand. For more information, see Consolidate UTXOs.
  • Your Ledger Blue Enterprise must be connected to your computer, switched on, and the Ledger Vault app opened.

It's not possible to create transactions when:

  • The account is pending to be edited.
  • A group or a whitelist used in the transaction rules of the account is pending to be edited.



A Create transaction request is created. Depending on the approval workflow defined for the account, the request might need to be approved by other Operators.

Go to the account's details page (Account > Account dashboard >) to review the approval workflow.

The transaction will be blocked if an Operator in the approval workflow who has approved the request is revoked.

What's next?

The request is submitted for approval to the necessary Operators, and must be processed before the 7-day expiry date. If the request expires a new one must be created. The transaction will be broadcasted to the blockchain network once all approvals have been collected.

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