This article is for Operators only.

Transaction rules

Transaction rules can vary from an account to the other. It'll affect how you create transactions as the amount per transaction can be limited as well as the possible list of allowed recipients. Additionally, a different approval workflow can be implemented.

To find out which rules have been defined in an account, go to Accounts > Account dashboard > and open the Rules section.


Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs)

In Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like blockchains, transactions are made of inputs and outputs:

  • The output represents the amount sent to the recipient, and
  • The input is the change that goes back in your wallet and that can be reused in another transaction.
  • Example: You would like to make an $8 transaction but you only have a $10 bill. You'll use this bill to pay and receive $2 in change.

UTXOs are therefore the collection of all the change (or input) that exist in the account and which, added together, equals to the total balance.