Configure the Ledger Cryptosteel

This article is for Shared-Owners and Wrapping Key Custodians.


  • Safely store offline the 24-word recovery phrase generated on the Ledger Blue Enterprise.

Before you start

You must have:

  • Configured your Ledger Blue Enterprise. See Initialize the Ledger Blue Enterprise.
  • Written down the 24-word recovery phrase on the Recovery sheet. Then, use the card in the Ledger Cryptosteel to find out where each steel letter is located in the package.


Repeat the following steps on both sides of the Ledger Cryptosteel to safely store your 24-word recovery phrase.


Your 24-word recovery phrase in now safely stored in the Ledger Cryptosteel.

What's next?

Refer to our Security best practices, for more information on how to store the Ledger Cryptosteel.