Account dashboard


  • Click the name of the account to open it's dashboard.
  • Operators can access the dashboards of accounts they've been granted access to.
  • Administrators can access the dashboards of all accounts created in the workspace.

Overview tab


Opens a dialog which contains additional information on the account:

  • Overview: General information on the account such as the name, balance, transaction rules...
  • Details: Displays members of the account.
Receive Allows you to generate a receiving address for the account.

Allows Operators to create a transaction in the account.

Only operators can see this button.


Crypto asset & index number

The account's crypto asset name and the index value it's associated to in your workspace.

Go to parent account

This URL takes you to the parent Ethereum account dashboard. This URL is only visible on ERC20 accounts.

Only Operators who have access to the parent Ethereum account can see this URL.
Account name The account's name.

The status of the account. For more information see, Work with requests

Available balance The account's balance minus the total amount of pending transaction requests and the expected max fees. This is the amount you can spend in your next transactions.
Total balance

The total amount secured in your Ledger Vault workspace in US Dollars (USD).

Pending transactions The total amount of pending transaction requests and their expected max fees. This amount will be withdrawn from the account once the requests have been approved.
Overview This section shows a graph overview of the account's balance over the last 30 days.
Children accounts This section appears on Ethereum account dashboards and lists all ERC20 tokens linked to that account. Whenever Operators create ERC20 transactions, gas fees are paid from the linked parent Ethereum account.
Last transactions

This section provides an overview of the last incoming and outgoing transactions in the account. to display more details, click a transaction.

UTXOs tab

The UTXOs tab provides an overview of the UTXO distribution in the account. This tab only appears on BTC and BTC-like accounts.


Allows you to synchronize the account's dashboard page with the blockchain network.
Consolidate Aggregate UTXOs which have the lowest amounts. For more information, see Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) and Consolidate UTXOs.




Allows you to find out the number of existing UTXOs per amount range and the aggregated total value.
UTXOs Provides a detailed list of all UTXOs.

Rules tab

This tab displays the transaction rules defined for the account. Administrators can click Edit in the topi right corner to change them.

Settings tab

Account name The name given to the account. Administrators can rename it by clicking Edit.
Rate provider Rate provider on which the countervalue is indexed.
Derivation path Administrators can see the account's derivation path.
XPUB Administrators can download the account's XPUB.