Create an account

This article is for Administrators only.


  • Create accounts in your workspace.
  • Define comprehensive transaction rules.

Before you start

  • Learn more on how accounts work: Workspace administration.
  • Your Ledger Blue Enterprise must be connected to your computer, switched on, and the Ledger Vault app opened.



A Create account request is submitted to all Administrators of the workspace.

This request will fail and will have to be recreated if any Operator in the approval workflow is revoked before the request is approved.

If you've created an ERC20 token account along with a new Ethereum account, only one request is submitted. A view-only Ethereum account will be created once the token account request is approved. For more information, see Workspace administration.

What's next?

The account will be created once the request has been approved by the number of Administrators defined in the admin rule. For more information, Track the status of a request.

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